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We moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Ohio in 2014. We both love to travel so we challenged ourselves to visit 50 cities every year. We have explored many places including major metropolitan areas, small villages, towns, ghost towns, and cruise ships. We have been to 181 new cities in 21 states and 7 countries in 4 years. In order for a city to count, we must do one or more of the following: spend the night, eat at a local restaurant (no chains), visit a local attraction, or visit local family and friends. Driving through and layovers do not count.

We wanted to share our experiences, photos, tips and tricks during our travels.

Thank you,

Brett and Jennifer

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My Frontier Airlines Animal Tails
1. Perry Puffin
2. Sarge the Bold Eagle
3. Bugsy the Tree frog
4. Orville the Red Cardinal
5. Andy the Pronghorn Antelope
6. Colorado Big horn sheep
7. Jack the Rabbit
8. Fritz the billy goat
9. O'Mally the Mallard
10. Betty the Blue Bird
11. Ozzy the Orca
12. Sherman the Sea Lion
13. Jake Whitetail Deer
14. Fallon the falcon 
15. Max the Lynx
16. Hank the Bobcat
17. Hector the Otter
18. Cactus the Coyote 
19. Otto the Owl
20. Finn the Tiger Shark
21. Buck the Pronghorn Antelope 
22. Peachy the Fox
23. Cubby the Bear
24. Alberta and Clipper Polar Bears
25. Grizz the Grizzle 
26. Grizwald the Bear
27. Joe Bob the Badger
28. Poppy the Prairie Dog 
29. Pike the Otter
30. Thunder the Bison
31. Steve the Eagle
32. Champ the Bronco
33. Courtney the Cougar 
34. Ferndale the Pygmy Owl
35. Spot the Jaguar 
36. Captain the Puffin
37. Warren the Woodpecker

38.  Midnight the Wolf

39. Seymour the Walrus

40. Luna and Lilly the Wolves

41. JoJo the Bear

42. North the Harpe Seal

Travel Maps

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Photo's posted were taken by me with an iPhone 6 or Google Pixel 2

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